5-31 Progress Report and Tootsie-Time’s Fertilizer Friday Photojournal!

Visit some of the most beautiful and unusual gardens from around the world.  Do  a little  Tootsie Time, NOW! <– Clikky-Clikky friends!

First strawberries of the year (that the slugs did not eat).

First strawberries of the year (that the slugs did not eat).

This time last week, the first of the June bearing strawberries were just beginning to pink up.  Drizzly, thunderous weather kept me in the house much of the week, and the strawberries out-of-sight-out-of-mind  until yesterday when — Lo and Behold — I discovered that the SLUGS had not forgotten about them in the least!

The family enjoyed the ceremonial eating of the first strawberries of the year, despite the fact that they are very very tart.  There just hasn’t been enough sun to sweeten them.  No one mourned however.  We all agreed that a tart berry with a juicy, luscious texture was hands down better than the sour, crunchy things that pass for strawberries in the grocery store these days.

Also, in gardening news this week, the kitchen is finally flooded with spring greens. We won’t need to buy lettuce or radishes from now until the hot weather hits.  The turnip green haul is particularly spectacular this year.  I will put up a batch of kimchi this week or next.

Meanwhile, a week of rain brought the corn, pole beans and bush beans out of the ground.  The peas are flowering thickly.

This week:

 Hill the leeks to make sure the ends blanch properly.

Dig up the Japanese Honeysuckle and Autumn Clematis re-emerging on the fence line.

Harvest strawberries and peas

Keep an eye out for aphids on the plum trees

Mow the grass I haven’t killed already.

Plot more grass murder.


12 thoughts on “5-31 Progress Report and Tootsie-Time’s Fertilizer Friday Photojournal!

  1. Re: your lawn issues…have you considered, er, ducks? 😉

  2. Kami Landy says:

    What is Jerusalem Sage? What are its uses and where is it happy?

    • Sho'Nuff says:

      I do not know of any medicinal or culinary uses for Jerusalem Sage. To my knowledge, it is only ornamental. I could be wrong, however. It requires full sun and can tolerate moderately dry soils. It spreads slowly by a woody, underground root system, which from time to time can be dug up, separated and replanted. It’s very unusual looking and a lovely addition to any garden, IMHO.

  3. Hmmmmm. I cannot wait for the first produce out of my garden.

  4. There is always so much to do at this time of year. My list keeps growing. Your collage of your garden is lovely.

  5. Sour is exactly what those steroid sucking store strawberries taste like. Gag! Love your accidental allium. It must have planted itself. It has excellent taste in gardens! 🙂

  6. bettyl says:

    Your garden is just lovely. I’m sure you find much satisfaction in looking it over.

    • Sho'Nuff says:

      Thank you for your kind comments! I think that — like many gardeners — I spend a lot of time going, “yeesh, I’ve gotta DO something about that MESS over there, ” and “Oh Gosh, that didn’t turn out the way I planned!”

      I take a lot of joy in the *doing.* I’m often dissatisfied with the results… a messy work in progress…

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