5-24 Garden Progress Report & Tootsie Time’s Fabulous Fertilizer Friday

Today is Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time, an opportunity for gardeners from all over the world to showcase their garden’s weekly progress.  It’s also time for me to log my garden’s progress and organize my thoughts for the coming week of work.

There is a lot of good news to report.  Last week had particularly lovely weather, which allowed me to be uncommonly productive.  Sun all day, temperatures in the 80s, and long evening showers made it very easy to plant new seeds.  I planted corn, pole beans, bush beans, and planted out the cucumbers and Japanese pumpkins.  I also planted some new gladiola bulbs, dinner plate dahlias, sunflowers, marigolds, and sprinkled cosmos seeds here and there to fill in some bare spaces.  Phew!  Until I start seeds for my fall crops, that’s the end of planting for the season!

The asparagus harvest is winding down, and the leafy green season is beginning.  I harvested the first turnip greens this week, and I am sure to be able to make my first spring green salad of the season some time next week.

The potatoes are doing well, thank goodness.  I was concerned that they were going to decay beneath the mulch because of the torrential April rains. Looking at them, I can see that they are in need of a quick insecticidal soap treatment, as some of them are being bedeviled by flea beetles.  They are also ready for a second layer of straw mulch.


.And look, one has flowers already!


Craneflies enjoying an "interlude" on my cucumber starts.  Biodiversity is the organic gardener's friend.


Critters are very busy in the yard.  The dog has not yet discovered the bunny nest beneath the lavender bush beside the patio.  Momma bunnies are very clever to hide their babies beneath such a strong-smelling plant.   Last week I saw at least five earthworms the size of small garter snakes.  I am ashamed to admit that such things make me scream like a girl.  We had the first hummingbird sighting this morning.  We have enjoyed watching different types of birds choose different types of materials to patch up their nests.  Our yard is full of l’amour!  I caught a pair of craneflies  enjoying an “interlude” on my cucumber starts!  They didn’t blush.

Biodiversity is the organic gardener’s best friend.


3 thoughts on “5-24 Garden Progress Report & Tootsie Time’s Fabulous Fertilizer Friday

  1. anggitacy says:

    oh God wonderful, specially the peonies, soft baby pink color, so so pretty.

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