They sneak out of the ground looking something like … this …


Step One: Collect enough until you have a nice little bunch.. something like this…


Step Two: If you can’t get to your grill (like I can’t) then turn your stove to broil, and raise the rack to its highest position.

Give your asparagus spears a quick wash, cut them so that they will fit on a plate politely,

then lay those purty suckers in a cast iron skillet.


Step Three: Brush them lightly with a leeeedle bit of olive oil…

Step Four: Sprinkle them with a leeeeedle bit of kosher salt…


Step Five: How ’bout some fresh cracked peppercorn?

(coincidentally, fresh lemon zest works beautifully too…)


Step Six: Broil lightly until spears start to get a little bit blackened around the edges.


To taste, of course.  To taste…


And then… SERVE!!

Ten minutes, from garden to  gullet!


3 thoughts on “Asparagus!

  1. Denise Beno says:

    Do your kids like asparagus or did you and Phil split that heavenly plate? Yum

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