Where Did My Seeds Go??

Tuesday April 9, 2013

Oak catkins, my yard, 2011

Sprinkling seeds in the ground and waiting for them to sprout is surely an act of faith.  Despite the weatherman’s promise of evening thunder showers, our side of the river remains bone dry.  I bend close to the soil, tilt my head this way and that way like a bird looking for a worm.  Is that particular crumb of dislocated soil  possibly be a radish shoot?  My turnips already sprouted, but oh crunchy  spicy radishes… where did you go?  Were you devoured by the house sparrows?  Have the 70 degree days (with no rain) left  you sulking under ground?  When will you appear?

Meanwhile the first spear of asparagus has stuck up its pointy little head.  If the warm weather continues, asparagus will be our first vegetable rather than radishes (strange as it seems).  I am also gratified to find that all of my raspberry transplants from last year, even though stressed by the summer drought, made it through the winter and are greening up/leafing out right on time.

On the other hand, the bearded iris  did not enjoy last summer’s drought.  The two year old bulbs (this is the second year since I last divided them) look like one year old bulbs.  They hardly increased in size, although I did keep them mulched and watered.  I suspect my second year blooms will look like first year blooms.  But we’ll see… a good feeding and mulching might make them feel and look a bit better.  Meanwhile the serviceberry blooms and daffodils are making the yard look decidedly spring-like.

The air doesn’t smell like earth-worm burps yet.  So I am uneasy with this spring.  I half wonder whether we won’t get one more odd-ball cold snap before the real spring settles in.


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