Rain! Finally! Ahhhh!!

Meadowsweet (Filipendula vulgaris)

Meadowsweet (Filipendula vulgaris)

Wednesday April 10, 2013

Good gardening news abounds today!
1) We’ve had slow, gentle, intermittent rain all day today.  Yesterday’s fears about seed germination are somewhat relieved.  I STILL don’t smell earthworm burps… and when I turn over the soil, the earthworms are clenched tightly in little knots rather than stretched out going about their business actively.  I would not be surprised if we had another cold snap.  I’m hoping so.  My cold weather crops really need to cooler soil temperatures to do their thang properly.

2) I harvested the first spears of asparagus!  Hooray!

3) The chickens, it turns out, did not do nearly as much damage scratching up the woodland shade bed as I had originally thought.  While top dressing the entire bed in compost (the soil is compacted in a way I don’t like at all, I noticed that the ferns are still alive, the green dragon is putting up a nice fat shoot (despite last summer’s drought), the blood root is hardy, the virginia blue-bells, though looking somewhat peaked are up and about to bloom, the cassia, the black cohosh are all peeking up.  Of course the monkshood is unstoppable.  My plan to fill in the bed with temporary non-natives (until I can afford to replace the natives) turned out to be unnecessary. I might fertilize the Virginia Blue Bells.  I think those scratching hens did a number on them.  No more free roaming range hens this year.  24/7 chicken tractor for the girls!

So the garden news today is good.

Tomorrow?  I’ve gotta dodge raindrops to put in the second pea crop.  I need a burn permit soon too… Hmmm… No rest for the wicked in the spring garden.  Lastly, I am eagerly awaiting my replacement gooseberry bush and my replacement paw paw tree.  I love the UPS man.


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